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de Jérôme Sordet
au Domaine Coste-Caumartin à Pommard

We find the notes « Arts » on the Gold Medal Diploma, which was obtained by my ancestry during the Universal Expo of Paris in 1900. Is the wine-grower an artist ?

The vintner’s art starts with grapes, the most beautiful and the most noble. It is also the creator’s art, who blends it, makes it beautiful, in developping mystery and emotion. He matures his wines with patience and care, to obtain the excellence.

The Domain Coste-Caumartin realises wines for each important moment of the life. Thus, bright and rich wines are born, even elegant and sensual.

The Estate has grown the vine with passion since 1793. Centuries are passing, but the inspiration always reborns with generation goes by. Wine is really a composition, born of the perfect alchemy between terroir, vigne and winegrower know-how.

Between tradition and modernity, we compose wines which need time for developping the subtlety of the single burgundian aromas, but create softer tannins and purer fruit.

Creator, we search for pushing the limits, studying new approaches to suprise you and touch you again, in respecting the Nature, our foster mother.

Expecting you soon at Pommard,
Best regards,

Jérôme Sordet, Owner

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